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What is DDW BioHacking?

Drinking deuterium-depleted water is fast becoming a game-changer in the food and supplement industry, with countries such as Hungary and Russia amongst the first to embrace scientific research reporting its important health benefits. The research studies cover a variety of areas, including veterinary medicine, cancer, anti-aging, sports and athletic performance.

Despite ground-breaking research – undertaken over the past 25 years by a small ‘niche’ research-community – widespread awareness of the benefits of both DDW and hydrogen rich water has been slow in coming. Until now.

It is perhaps because it is uncommon for two regular food products, to offer such a plethora of profound health benefits, as the case with deuterium depleted water and hydrogen-rich water.

Looking at the benefits of both approaches, it stands to reason that they can outperforms many of the most common alternative and holistic health protocols, as well as the current most favored bio-hacks in the market, such as red light therapy and the Ketogenic diets – when it comes to rectifying or optimizing cellular performance.

Today, companies, distributors, doctors, health clinics and individuals can buy isotope depleted water (DDW) and hydrogen-rich water directly from The Hydrogen Innovation Company. We are also happy to discuss individual requirements for customized and private-label water products.

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Here are some of the profound benefits that the DDW Biohacking related studies have found, in relation the use of hydrogen gas dissolved in water and deuterium depletion through the use of a good DDW protocol:

  • Increases or normalizes cellular metabolic capacity
  • Counteracts DNA damages
  • Increases ATP output and peak
  • Decreases damage to ATP-synthase nano-motors
  • Decreased ROS generated by ATP-synthase
  • Lowered lactate levels during intense exercise
  • Increased VO2-max from same training intensity
  • Favors cellular differentiation and counters malignant proliferation
  • Increases antioxidant status
  • Improvesthe lipid profile of the blood
  • Anti-aging benefits from the inside out
  • Profound sports performance-enhancement benefits
  • Speeds up healing time from sports related injury
  • Benefits the brain
  • Counters toxic negative effects on the cells and the body
  • Counteracts damages caused by radiation and strong free radicals

What does a DDW protocol look like?

The best way to bring down your cellular load of deuterium is to implement a ‘Deuterium Depletion Protocol’ using low deuterium food sources, as well as DDW. However, the most effective solution by far – which doesn’t require making major changes to your diet – is simply to use a good quality DDW with mid to low levels of deuterium.

What are the 5 simple steps in the DDW protocol to achieving deuterium depletion?

  • Buy deuterium depleted water to be ready
  • Test your cellular deuterium load at the start of your ddw protocol
  • Start drinking DDW daily, in stead of tap and spring-water
  • Make note of any perceived changes throughout the test period
  • Take another deuterium test at the end of 30 or 60 days to document progress

If you are interested in a larger holistic DDW protocol, that encompasses other beneficial components, please contact us, as we would be happy to forward you to the right professional.

The best way to bring down your cellular load of deuterium, is to implement a sound Deuterium Depletion Protocol using low deuterium food sources as well ad DDW water, however!, you can do it much easier, without having to change your whole diet, if you just use a good quality ddw water with mid to low levels of deuterium.

Please visit the DDW research studies for further references on how to tailor a ddw protocol for optimal deuterium depletion with the fastest results.
Once you have read this information, and perhaps read some of the research references we link to, if you then have further questions or would like to buy premium deuterium depleted water via us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We would also welcome you to contact us directly, if you would like to buy D depleted water for physiological performance optimization or just regaining optimum health, fast.


Here is another example from a published study on the benefits on elite rowers.

“The effect of deuterium depleted drinking water on the performance of sportsmen”
Györe I., Somlyai G. et al. Hungarian Review of Sports Medicine (2005: 46/1:27-38.)
The authors saw an optimization in a host of parameters during the study period of 44 days.
Twelve international-level male rowers participated in the study
– 7 athletes consumed 2 L of 105 ppm DDW water for 44 days and 5 athletes drank ordinary tap water.

The study noted some interesting results which would benefit most professional sports athletes:

  • Improved tissue oxygenation
  • Less pronounced tissue anoxia
  • Better mobilization of glucose
  • Better utilization of glucose; and
  • Cells showed a better metabolic compensation of the load-dependent changes in deuterium-depleted state achieved by consumption of 105 ppm DDW


These results will be of significant interest to professional athletes – individuals and/or sport teams – and we invite you to contact us with any questions on how to set up your own trials.
You will be able to get a firm scientific documentation for yourself on your own team or yourself.

If you are a pro athlete, we welcome you to contact us with your questions or request to buy deuterium depleted water for yourself, or if you are part of a larger team, we would be delighted to discuss the options, not only to supply your needs, but also to help you generate the proper data to monitor progress.
We will give you access to fast and reliable lab testing, for you to be able to monitor deuterium load on yourself or individual members of a larger team and correlate this to overall numbers and performance.

There are many other health benefits from using deuterium depleted water, not only for DDW biohacking and sports performance enhancement, but also in cancer research. Please follow these links to see studies relating to research subjects such as DDW for sports performance enhancement, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, DDW as anti-aging treatmentDDW as protection against radiation and toxins and much more.

There are many health benefits from using deuterium depleted water, not only for ddw biohacking, sports performance enhancement and in cancer research.

Below you will find links for further information:
Please follow these links to see studies relating to research subjects such as DDW for sports performance enhancement, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, DDW as anti-aging treatment, DDW as protection against radiation and toxins, and much more.

Contact us via our contact form to buy deuterium depleted energy drinks, sports drinks or custom sports beverages, or to let us know if you have questions or comments to our offers.



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