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Have you heard about biohacking?
Chances are you have, but the concept of “Biohacking with Hydrogen” or “Hydrogen Biohacking” is new to most people!

In common biohacking, which is a form of DIY health optimization, one would commonly utilize a host of small hacks to optimize health, performance or anti-aging, such as certain training techniques, supplements, food choices, fasting intervals, sleeping patterns and some level of technology to monitor progress from the choices implemented.

The game-changer in the food and supplement industry, is slowly beginning to permeate into regular health information and to health clinics in Europe and America. The country leading the way is still Japan. They were conducting much of the hydrogen water research in the field in the beginning, and were quick to implement this useful tool into health clinics, hospitals and at home.

To get an overview of the benefits of H2 water and links to all the studies in the area. Please click this link:
Hydrogen rich water benefits and high concentration hydrogen water benefits

High Concentration Hydrogen Biohacking
turns all this on its head!

By implementing the use of high ppm H2 beverages (commonly just: high concentration hydrogen water), one will get all the benefits from all the rest of the biohacks available and even more. In fact, it is hard to think of any other health implementation one could do, that would offer, even close to, as many health benefits as the simple implementation of a good quality hydrogen water with a high concentration of H2.

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Here are some of the profound benefits that the Hydrogen Water related studies have found, in relation the use of H2-gas dissolved in water or health in general or for specific biohacking and sports:

  • Increases or normalizes cellular metabolic capacity
  • Counteracts DNA damages
  • Increases ATP output and peak
  • Decreases damage to ATP-synthase nano-motors
  • Decreased ROS generated by ATP-synthase
  • Lowered lactate levels after exercise
  • Increased VO2-max from same training intensity
  • Favors cellular differentiation and counters malignant proliferation
  • Increases antioxidant status
  • Betters the lipid profile of the blood
  • Anti-aging benefits from the inside out
  • Has profound sports performance-enhancement benefits
  • Speeds up healing time from sports related injury
  • Benefits the brain
  • Counters toxic negative effects on the cells and the body
  • Counteracts damages caused by radiation and strong free radicals


Hydrogen water studies in sports performance has even documented that hydrogen rich water has the ability to substantially lower lactate levels, increase restitution and decrease or even prevent early phase peak performance muscle decline.

Here is an overview of the many benefits referenced in hydrogen water research studies, that could prove to be win or lose factor:


The study explains: “…When a 60-kg person drinks 1000 ml of 72% saturated hydrogen water, the hydrogen concentration of the body water is expected to become… 0.016 mM (2% saturation), which is identical to the hydrogen concentration achieved by a person staying in a 2% hydrogen chamber.”


Pilot study on elite athletes:

Pilot study: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes

Muscle contraction during short intervals of intense exercise causes oxidative stress, which can play a role in the development of overtraining symptoms, including increased fatigue, resulting in muscle microinjury or inflammation. Recently it has been said that hydrogen can function as antioxidant, so we investigated the effect of hydrogen-rich water (HW) on oxidative stress and muscle fatigue in response to acute exercise.

Although acute exercise resulted in an increase in blood lactate levels in the subjects given Placebo Water, oral intake of Hydrogen Rich Water prevented an elevation of blood lactate during heavy exercise. Peak torque of Placebo Water significantly decreased during maximal isokinetic knee extension, suggesting muscle fatigue, but peak torque of Hydrogen Rich Water didn’t decrease at early phase. There was no significant change in blood oxidative injury markers (d-ROMs and BAP) or creatine kinase after exercise.

Adequate hydration with hydrogen-rich water pre-exercise reduced blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function..”.

Read the fully study here:

See a large list of sports performance enhancement studies. The data is ordered according to which field it claims to touch or benefit, so you can easily find what interests you:

The list is a two column comparison between the benefits from hydrogen water and isotopic purified water.


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High ppm hydrogen is the way of the future.

There are many health benefits from using high ppm or high concentration hydrogen water, not only in relation to cancer research, but also in every day scenarios like professionel sports, athletics, training, anti-aging treatments and much more.

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