You’ve got more options than you might think for DEUTERIUM DEPLETED WATER

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You’ve got more options than you might think for deuterium depleted water

In a world in which we are understandably all becoming more anxious to do the right thing for our health, it’s also easy for many of us to become cynical about what’s really likely to serve our bodies well. After all, recent years have seen no shortage of sometimes outlandish health crazes.

You might wonder, then, how even the most informed innovators could possibly improve in 2020 on the greatest life-giving force of all: water.

Perhaps surprisingly for many, the water that emerges from our taps or even comes bottled as mass-market mineral water isn’t necessarily the optimal form of H2O. More and more studies, in fact, are pointing to potentially meaningful health benefits for those who buy DDW – otherwise referred to as deuterium depleted water or light water.

What is deuterium, and is it really that harmful?

If this is your first time hearing about deuterium, sit back and let us explain. This isotope of hydrogen – with its nucleus comprising one proton and one neutron – isn’t some sort of nefarious outsider. In fact, it’s already naturally present in our bodies, contributing to our metabolisms, growth and energy storage. You’ll find it in any naturally accrued water, too.

Deuterium can become problematic, however, when we simply have too much of it in our bodies. Excess deuterium can wreak havoc with our biological processes over time, especially with decreasing cellular energy production, bringing about undesirable effects like DNA damage, quicker ageing and low metabolism. The accumulation of deuterium in the body has even been linked to the likes of cancer and metabolic diseases.

So, if some of the deuterium present in the water we drink can be removed, it stands to reason that many of us can look forward to better health over time. That’s precisely what deuterium depleted water is all about.
If you want to look at the research documenting this in more detail, we invite you to visit the section on our page about deuterium depleted water studies and hydrogen-infused water studies

Introducing the forms of DDW light water we can offer you

To buy DDW for yourself and begin discovering the wondrous effects that deuterium depleted water could have on your own health, you don’t need to look further than The Hydrogen Innovation Company.

We’re proud to have assembled an acclaimed product portfolio and online store consisting of our Deuterium Depleted Water and Hydrogen-Infused DDW Water under our own HtoEau brand.

Not only are these innovative beverages available for you to try on a personal level, but we can also offer them on a white-label basis. So, your brand could soon be marketing them, and giving your own customers the benefit of life-giving and health-enhancing deuterium depleted water.

You don’t have to simply try to believe the hype, when you have the option of purchasing, experiencing and/or distributing our products for yourself. Sell or buy DDW developed with the backing of The Hydrogen Innovation Company’s in-depth expertise, and you, too, could shortly be enthusiastically feeling and advocating the benefits of our renowned ‘light water’.