Hydrogen Water and DDW for Health and Cancer Clinics

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Hydrogen Water and DDW for Health and Cancer Clinics

Cancer clinics and health clinics has a lot to gain from implementing DDW for deuterium depletion, either as a stand alone product, or together with a high quality and high ppm Hydrogen Water.

As a health or wellness provider, you know that it is important to stay on top of new health related research and emerging breakthroughs.

By giving clients access to the newest tools, you cater for their needs, as well as giving them the best possible advantages in their personal circumstances.

The groundbreaking research in the field of deuterium depletion and hydrogen water, as supplement or substitute for drinking water, has gone largely unnoticed by many health industries, including many clinics. However, looking at the benefits of the two approaches, we find a potential that outperforms many of the most common alternative or holistic approaches, and at a fraction of the cost.

It is perhaps because it is uncommon for two regular food products, to offer so many profound benefits as here the case with deuterium depleted water and hydrogen water.

For health clinics and holistic or natural cancer clinics in particular, there is tremendous benefits in implementing these two simple product options, in the standard service and product-offers for clients.
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Before we refer you to the research, that speaks for itself, we would like to list the pros and cons of making this choice. 


  • Both DDW / Light Water and Hydrogen-infused water are reasonably low cost for the client.
  • It is one of the most easy and acceptable products to introduce, as every human needs water daily, so it is easy to exchange common water with HtoEau water.
  • The benefits are experienced fast and can be measured by simple lab tests.
  • There is grounds for a secondary income-source on lab tests and reports, for testing and monitoring deuterium depletion levels in urine and breath.
  • The products offer a great continuous income source for the health, or cancer-clinic, as many clients prefer to continue on the water permanently or semi-permanently after experiencing the benefits.
  • Larger clinics can have the water delivered in the HtoEau brand or we can deliver in their own brand.
  • Clients who are consuming the water, tend to refer more clients due to the experienced health benefits.
  • A client will typically require 30-60 liters per day, some cases slightly more, depending on their daily water consumption in relation to their physical size and habits.
  • Delivery is fast and efficient.
  • For in-patient clinics and hospitals, we can offer a build-in supply solution.


  • Due to the nature of the product and typical daily consumption, the volume and logistic of the product, requires more than a simple pack of supplements.
  • The low price of the product is sometimes not seen as attractive by some cancer clinics or high-end health clinics.
  • Both deuterium depleted light water and hydrogen-rich water are simple food product and not a pharmaceuticals or medicines.
  • Clinics who do not prefer us to deliver directly to their clients or to the clinic on a case to case basis, needs to stock the water themselves to hand it out to clients.
  • Each client will need 30-60 liters per month, some slightly more, which requires a decision by the clinic to have us ship to clients or to stock it themselves.

We have collected a list of research studies on cancer and cancer treatment side-effects related to deuterium depleted water and hydrogen-rich water:

DDW cancer studies or hydrogen water cancer studies

If you would like to see a collected and short overview of what each of these waters are and can offer, and what benefits are known, then please go to the following section of our homepage:

Here are some of the profound benefits some of the cancer studies have found in relation to cancer and the use of DDW or hydrogen water

If you are a health professional and would like to cooperate with us and be listed as a possible DDW cancer clinic or clinic offering hydrogen as part of your services, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Female Scientist Using A Microscope In A Lab

As you will notice from below, is that most clinics do not offer DDW supplementation or any Deuterium Depletion Protocols.
You will find a list of relevant hydrogen and deuterium research studies here.

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