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What is hydrogen-rich water and why is it a health breakthrough?

Hydrogen-rich water or more generally, hydrogen infused water, is simply a tasteless watery beverage with a high amount of H2 gas infused into the liquid.
When drunk, the hydrogen is slowly released inside the body and cells where it can exert its many beneficial and healing properties, as an antioxidant molecule.

Hydrogen gas does not normally like to stay suspended in water, especially not above the saturation point of about 1,6 ppm, it is therefore a hard molecule to work with, and given the slightest chance, it will escape and leave the water behind lacking the intended properties.

Should I buy a H2 infusion water machine, or a ready-made bottled hydrogen-rich beverage brand?

Today there are many options available, and generally speaking there are different benefits depending on what you choose.
If you go with the DIY “make it at home solution”, with a hydrogen water machine, it will have some conveniences and inconveniences, compared to having the H2O available instantly in a can.
The H2 water machine is of cause convenient for a steady supply and cost effective on the long run, but on the short run it is more expensive and most importantly of all, it will generally provide you with a lower hydrogen ppm concentration compared to bottled hydrogen-rich water.

High ppm hydrogen water - ready to drink hydrogen-rich water or buy hydrogen water machine

The benefits of our ready-made hydrogen-rich water brand HtoEAU, is that you have the full antioxidant capacity instantly available, without any inconvenience or waiting time. It comes as a super-saturated H2 drink containing a high ppm of H2 gas, ready to drink whenever you need it the most.
It is a perfect match for before, during and after training, at the health spa, clinic, hospital or other situations where a boost and surplus of antioxidants would be helpful.
It is always the safest and fastest solution to secure fast and unlimited access and quality.

Where to buy hydrogen water ?

Hydrogen infused water is a highly trending product, but we have yet only seen the tip of the iceberg, as it not only represents a new health fad, but in fact a whole new area of food and beverages, health supplements and medicine.
Even though many studies and a lot of progress has been made, we still expect to uncover many more areas where H2-rich water can be integrated, and thus we expect to see more retailers embrace this product.
You can buy hydrogen-rich products online here with us, or at the bottom of this page.

Where to buy H2 water retail?

If you are asking where to buy as a consumer, looking for the highest quality and infused hydrogen concentration, you don’t have to look much further, cos we are able and would be happy to service your inquiry.
Generally speaking, you can naturally buy hydrogen-rich water online, through us, or our competitors, or your can inquire in your local supermarket or health-food store, and request them to consider offering this innovative healthy beverage.
The best and highest quality you will obtain through our brand HtoEAU which is available in Europe here via this link:
buy hydrogen water online

Where to buy H2 water B2B as wholesale or private label ?

If you are asking as a distributor, health clinic, doctor or sports club, where to buy, you only have to contact us with your needs, and we will do our best to meet them and deliver according to your liking and requirements.
Beverage developers, private-label requests and the like are also welcome, and you only need to contact us for further.
Please use the contact form or direct email here

Health benefits of hydrogen-rich water?

Here is a small list of the top 10 health benefits of hydrogen-rich water so you can get a fast overview of whether this kind of product would offer any health benefits that would be relevant to you or your family.

Hydrogen-rich water can:

    • Reduce oxidative stress by helping to neutralize free radicals (ROS), in particular the highly dangerous hydroxyl radical
    • Helps to increase VO2-max gains and sports performance
    • Increase endogenous antioxidant and vitamin status
    • Reduce the formation of lactic acid
    • Increase duration of peak torque in athletes
    • Aid in faster muscle recovery
    • Improve overall sport recovery time and injury healing
    • Help stabilize blood sugar
    • Enhance the appearance of skin
    • Improve hydration
    • Protect against radiation and damages from toxic chemicals, heavy metals and more
    • In research studies hydrogen-rich water lessened pain and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis
    • Contribute to rectifying DNA damages
    • Support optimal brain health and cognitive functions

This is not an exhaustive list. Please see the list of hydrogen water research studies in the other section of this page.


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