Product Portfolio

We have developed a range of hydrogen-enriched and deuterium-depleted water beverages to meet the requirements of our different customer groups.

Our water is available in the following formats:

Super-Saturated Hydrogen

Our hydrogen water is infused with a high concentration of molecular hydrogen – nature’s smartest antioxidant – helping to protect your body and improve cellular health.



Our light water rids your body of excess levels of deuterium and helps nourish and regenerate your cells, by targeting and neutralising harmful free radicals.


Hydrogen-Infused DDW

This superior water is enriched with hydrogen and depleted of deuterium for maximum purity, helping to boost your immunity and detoxify your body to enhance overall health and well-being.


Why is our water superior to other products in the market?

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With our unique production methods, we can achieve a far higher ppm (parts per million) of hydrogen, resulting in super-saturated hydrogen water.

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We use deuterium depleted water, which when combined with hydrogen gas, produces a ‘super-water’.

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We only use glass bottles and steel cans with a gas-barrier coating to store our water. This not only preserves the quality and taste, it also ensures our containers are fully recyclable.


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We supply our own brand (HtoEau) and white label water in any of the above formats to consumers.

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We partner with professional sportsmen and women, customising the water content to their precise needs: generally high ppm hydrogen, low deuterium water.

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We license our own brand water equipment for home or industrial production of hydrogen-enriched water and/or deuterium-depleted water.

We are constantly evolving our production techniques and formulas to develop new, innovative beverages. In the future, these will include carbonated and naturally flavoured hydrogen-infused water products.