Studies in Deuterium Depletion – Heavy water detoxification

Studies in Deuterium Depletion and heavy water detoxification

Years of research has shown that the hydrogen isotope ratio, has profound impact on cellular energy production and metabolism as well as free radical protection and generation.

List of research studies in Deuterium Depletion using DDW


Lowering one’s body load or cellular load of deuterium, is commonly known under terms such as “deuterium depletion”, “Deuterium Biohacking”, “Depletion with Light Water” or simpler terms like “Drinking of DDW”.

Research studies have been ongoing for about 25 years, which comes as a surprise to many who have never heard of this field.

Once you begin to investigate the many negative effects that deuterium exerts on cellular processes, cells and whole biological systems, and the opposite end of the spectrum, what the positive effects are of depleting deuterium, -or rather, liberating or detoxing the cells form their deuterium burden, you will perhaps agree that Deuterium Depletion and DDW, may be one of the most profound fields of health related research of the 21st century.

Lowering ones cellular deuterium load, will bring about a positive cascade of benefits, such as increased antioxidant levels, decreased inflammation and lactate levels after heavy workout, countering DNA damage caused by every day life and stress or by toxic substances and radiation.
One particular interesting benefit from deuterium depletion, is the fact that it supercharges the detoxification pathways and decreases the negative effect of environmental toxins, pesticides etc.

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