Why DDW?

Deuterium depleted water (DDW), also known as light water, has a lower concentration of deuterium than occurs naturally in water.

What is deuterium?

Deuterium is one of three forms (or isotopes) of hydrogen – the others being protium and tritium. The nucleus of a deuterium atom has one proton and one neutron which doubles the mass of the hydrogen atom, making it twice as heavy. When protium and deuterium combine with oxygen, they form water molecules.
The level of deuterium present in most natural waters on Earth is 150 ppm (parts per million). That means that for every 1,000,000 atoms of hydrogen, there are 150 atoms of deuterium. So when we drink 1 litre of drinking water, we ingest 150 ppm of deuterium which corresponds to 318 milligrams of ‘heavy’ water.

Why do we want to remove deuterium from our bodies?

Deuterium exists in our bodies naturally. It contributes to growth, energy storage and metabolism. However, too much deuterium interferes in biological processes and over time, it is known to damage the mitochondria (the ‘powerhouses’ of cells) causing cellular dysfunction, damage to DNA, aging and low metabolism. Deuterium accumulation is also thought to contribute to a rise in cancer and metabolic diseases.
The human organism can deplete some deuterium itself, but the body’s ability to do that decreases with the age, if weakened by illness, or deficient in Vitamin D. So how can we remove excess deuterium from our bodies? There are several tried and tested methods which include regulating our diet, improving sleep quality, exposure to sunlight and cold, taking regular exercise, and of course, drinking DDW.

The benefits of drinking DDW

By reducing the deuterium content from our water by at least 10%, we can create light water or deuterium depleted water, which has profound benefits* on our health. DDW has the potential to:

  • Increase hydration
  • Reverse fatigue and increase energy levels
  • Promote and potentiate exercise recovery
  • Support and promote optimal brain function
  • Support and promote optimal metabolic levels
  • Offer anti-ageing benefits
  • Support optimum VO2Max
  • Support optimal antioxidant status
  • Increase the ability to withstand harmful effects of radiation
  • Support optimal cellular energy production
  • Counter deuterium-induced DNA damage and dysfunction
  • Limit the harmful effects of environmental and metabolic toxins
  • Deplete deuterium content from the body and from cellular accumulation
* This is not an exhaustive list. Please see the Research Studies page to read independent research on the benefits of molecular hydrogen.

HtoEAU – our brand of DDW

DDW or light water will only grow in popularity as more and more people recognise it as a powerful tool for depleting deuterium in our bodies, promoting optimal health and hydration. It is harmless, tasteless, odourless and can be used as daily drinking water. Producing DDW requires a complex filtration and separation process that only a few companies in the world have managed to achieve on a commercial scale.

The Hydrogen Innovation Company has the technology and commercial readiness to produce DDW, which forms part of the HtoEau brand of water beverages.